Not just a Tenant!

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Hey all, just a little note to let you know what has been happening.

Friday 21st June I went to court to get my deposit back, as my landlord failed to give it back to me when I left the property early. Although I didn’t get my money back I still felt like winner.

Why? Being a law student I prepared my evidence from months in advance, sent copies to the judge and the defendant (landlord) and I was ready for the case. My landlord tried to sue me for ending my tenancy early even though I gave him one months’ notice. I took him to court as he failed to put my deposit in the deposit protection scheme (DPS).

Since 2007 all landlords must protect every student’s deposit. The judge ordered the landlord to pay back my deposit, he refused as he felt that I owed them money, the judge said they pay then counter sue me, I pay and sue them again or we all come to a decision where none of us give each other the money and just go our separate ways. Eventually after half an hour I decided not to bother go through all of this again, discussed it with the defendant who surprisingly agreed with me. We decided to call it quits, they weren’t going to pay me and I certainly weren’t going to pay them. The judge made an order that once we agreed on no payment; we cannot go back on our word.

The funny thing is they tried to play the naïve landlord scam that they didn’t know when they chose to opt out of the deposit protection scheme. This is just a warning to all students, always ensure that your deposit is in the deposit protection scheme or tenancy protection scheme, they must tell you where your deposit is within two weeks, and provide you with a receipt. Do not be afraid to ask questions!!! 


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