Blog 9 W/C 09/09/2013

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Over the last couple of weeks I have looked at other contributing factors to sporting success at Staffs, such as the influence of regional leagues and also the relationship between a university's overall league standing and its sporting success.

As well as this, I attended my mid review meeting where we discussed how to progress this project further. We decided that no more research really needs to be done aside from a student survey. Therefore, I spent this week compiling potential questions to ask current sports members and prospective members about their thoughts and expectations of sports at Staffs. These questions will be sent out to sports committee members and team members as well as upcoming freshers who are interested in participating in sport at Staffs. This is going to act as the final piece of data to drive this research. 

Finally, I have also begun writing up my research report which discusses my findings and the impact of this as well as justifying my reasoning behind initiating and conducting such research. 


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