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Proud to be Staffs Story: Staffordshire scorpions cheerleading club

Student-Led Group


Providing the best possible support for their student members and our community, our Cheerleading Club (the Staffordshire Scorpions) go above and beyond. Thank you, Staffordshire Scorpions, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Staffordshire scorpions cheerleading club's Story

"I have been a member of this group since 2015 and have seen many different members come and go. However the morale and spirit has stayed the same throughout. Joining this club has been the best decision ive made at university as I have made so many friends for life and a hobby I would be so lost without! It builds your self confidence so much and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and roles, for example I started as an ordinary member, then became a coach, head coach and now have been chosen as president next year! In this you learn transferrable skills which you will use for life. This group make me so #proudtobestaffs as we have hosted lots of fundraising events for charities close to our heart over the years. We have done multiple raffles and last year carried out a big raffle fundraiser in the ember lounge for cancer research, the last two years have organised an event for 'operation Christmas child' where we filled over 40 shoeboxes full of toys and toiletries for disadvantaged children to give to the Samaritans over Christmas- and much much more! We have open sessions and have welcomed more students from every walk of life and ability this year than we have ever done before! This includes students who have limited mobility, students with learning difficulties, students who have limited language skills, and even just students who would have never imagined they would do cheerleading but we encouraged them to do one session and now they love it! I believe we are one of the most inclusive and supportive groups on campus and provide a huge support network for all of our members, not just as friends but many of us have a good knowledge of the union and therefore always point members in the direction of services which they may need too."