Fiona Tweed, Professor CAE

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Professor Fiona Tweed

Professor, School of Creative Arts and Engineering


Throught the delivery of engaging and flexible lectures, Fiona has made a marked impact on her students - resulting in many different nominations so far! Thank you Fiona, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Professor Fiona Tweed's Story

"Profesor Fiona Tweed is an amazing lecturer who cares about each and everyone of her students and always goes the extra mile to give students the feedback they need and deserve! We all have different learning styles. Fiona does not only recognises this, but she embraces it as part of her teaching style and ensures she includes content to meet everyones needs. Furthermore, students always leave her lectures enspired, enthused and engaged; a contageous gift Fiona is well-known for! Fiona always reflects on her own experiences in the field and research making her workshops and lectures more authentic and engaging for her students and is one of the many reasons why she is so brilliant! Fiona works extremely hard every single day and rarely recieves the thanks and recognition that she deserves. She is a fantastic asset to Staffordshire University and the wider community and should be better recognised for all of her achievments not just in terms of academic success but in her success when engaging with students and the wider communinty. In all of my time at Staffordshire University I have never heard a bad word spoken about Fiona, instead I have heard eco's of her positivity, commitment and enthusiasum from people within and outside the Staffordshire University community. Well done Fiona!"