Claire McCullagh-Waters, Lecturer HSW

For being understanding and supportive when a student needed it the most


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Claire McCullagh-Waters

Lecturer | School of Health, Science and Wellbeing


"I rectory found out that I have dyslexia. I spoke to Claire when I first started about it as I was worried about studying after being good in high school that I was stupid as it wasn’t picked up on until 12 years after leaving education. Claire has offered an immense amount of support and have altered ways of teaching to help me learn and grasp subjects. A lot of people think that dyslexia is just that someone can’t read or spell but it goes beyond these and can impact a lot including memory. Claire knows all of this which is why she altered her teaching which improved my learning experience but also other peoples experiences. Through her encouragement she has helped to believe I am able to do university education and become a paramedic. Not only has Claire helped with this but she has also helped when I went through a difficult time with student finance. Although she was unable to do anything to help me sort it out, she was there for me for support. I needed this support at the time as I was out under stress, anxiety and worry due to the situation. Claire was able to listen, talk and help keep me focused on my work through the experience and I couldn’t be more thankful thank I am! She is a wonderful kind person who sees the next in everyone and will support anyone who needs it, Claire is a brilliant lecturer, therefore I am nominating her for an award. "


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