Karen Latcham, Senior Lecturer HSC

This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Karen Latcham

Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences and Education


Demonstrating our values of inclusivity and access, Karen went above and beyond to support a student who was subjec to homophobic abuse whilst on placement. Turning the experience around and supporting that student to remain engaged. Thank you, Karen, for making us Proud to be Staffs. 


Karen's Story

Whilst on a clinical placement one of Karen's student was subject to homophobic abuse and became so disheartened by the experience, that they began the process of withdrawing from their studies. Following the advice of a fellow student, the student contacted Karen to explain the situation.  

Karen responded straight away, well outside of her office hours, with words of encouragement and support. Her email was heartfelt and immediately began to turn the situation around.  

Karen’s response was so heartfelt that our nominator felt a stronger person and continued with their studies. Most significantly, our nominator told us that they are able to hold their head high and not feel ashamed of their sexuality thanks to Karen’s support.