Kerry Magee, Duty Venue Manager SU

This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

Here at Staffordshire University Students' Union, our vision is that every student will be Proud to be Staffs. Our stories are examples of the wonderful people and groups in our community and how they make us proud. 

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Kerry-Jo Magee

Trainee Duty Venue Manager, LRV and Verve


Here at the Students' Union we believe in Harnessing Talent and Creativity. One of our Duty Venue Managers, Kerry, has not only brought her endless talents to our team but also encouraged members of our Student team to develop and grow into Management Roles too. Thank you Kerry, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Kerry-Jo Magee's Story

"Kerry is the epitome of Proud to be Staffs, she goes above and beyond in everything she does. If it wasn't for Kerry then I'd have never had the confidence to even be in the position I am in now. From the moment she started at Ember Lounge as a manager, she immediately set out to do something for Ember Team Leaders that no one had done before, she wanted to give us the tools to better ourselves and further our skills. She offered all of the Team Leaders the opportunity to be manager trained and be able to pick up manager shifts if needed. This would give us all something extra that we could put on our CV's and excel ourselves. I think all of her hard works pays off , and I am proof that what Kerry does succeeds, I was her most Manager Trained Team Leader last year and now I've progressed into management myself. If it wasn't for Kerry I'd never have had the courage to even apply, let alone take on the job. I've came on leaps and bounds since she has moved over to LRV, she fully started from the bottom with me and made sure I was comfortable and actually sat with me and gave me the training that I needed to make sure I could do this job. Kerry is not only a work colleague, Kerry is a friend that I will have for the rest of my life. Kerry has made me be Proud to be Staffs from the moment she walked through Ember doors and continues to make me Proud to be Staffs every single day. She is a one of a kind, and deserves the recognition."