Rob Shaw, Senior Lecturer CDT

This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Rob Shaw

Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Digital Technologies


By providing exceptional support through a period of adversity, Rob encouraged a student to be the very best they could, graduating with a First Class Degree with Honors and securing their dream job. Thank you, Rob, for making us Proud to be Staffs. 


Rob's Story

This story was shared with the STudents' Union by a parent of a graduate, a first for the Proud to be Staffs programme! Stephen, was always a student whose teachers rolled their eyes at when talking about him, and his mother told us that some staff thought that he wouldn't amount to much in life beyond working behind the tills in a local shop or just spending his time playing PS4 games. Throughout Stephen's time at Staffordshire University, Rob Shaw was always spoken of with warmth and complete respect and they have become great friends.

Last year Stephen's mother became very ill and spent a lot of time in hospital, regretablly missing Stephen's Graduation as her health was so very poor. This was such a pivotal time in Stephen's education and Rob Shaw quite simply went above and beyond being 'just' a tutor. He was always there for Stephen and also became a good friend for Stephen to talk to when Stephen's mother was too ill to be a 'proper mum.' A time when he clearly needed love and support, both within his education and his personal life. Rob has kept in touch with Stephen and nobody could have been more proud than Rob when Stephen gained a 1st Class Honours Degree and was then subsequently accepted into the Greater Manchester Police Service.