Tanya Morgan, Support Worker SAAS

For being an amazing advocate of mental health in our community


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Tanya Morgan

Support Worker | Student and Academic Services


"I met Tanya last year when I was assigned my support worker. As soon as we connected on Teams I knew this wonderful bubbly lady was going to be intrinsic in my academic journey - and for the past year that’s what she has been, along with being my rock she is my go to person when I literally feel I can’t do this academic journey. Tanya is there when I need her the most, even if that’s a quick text message to remind me I can do a presentation to a group of people. This lady has been the most outstanding and beautiful lady I have come across on my mental health journey and shown more compassion than a lot of other individuals. The support I receive is what keeps me coming back as she reminds me that I can do this and I will do this and I will not give up, which is what she generally hears on a weekly basis. Tanya has the patience to listen, support and signpost to where you need to go, she will support you if it’s an academic issue or a personal issue. Without Tanya I would of given up my dream of my degree many months ago, but here I am having finished the year. Working with Tanya gives you the space to find out what’s going on in your mind which is what you need at times - space. I not only look forward to my new modules next semester I look forward to my time with Tanya because I know she will keep me grounded and moving forward whilst encouraging me to grow and be brave. If you need and are assigned mental health support I only wish that everyone is like this wonderful lady."


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