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Students prefer sex to study

abortion rate was highest at 33 per 1,000, for women aged 19, 20 & 21 in recent statistics released

By Simon Longden

The research, conducted by Bayer Schering Pharma, found that 42% of students are looking to have sex even if it is with someone they have just met.

The main reason students gave for this promiscuity is alcohol.

The study also revealed that nearly a third of women feel that men can separate sex from emotion much easier.

Yet more men than women feel that they are looking for the same thing in fresher’s week, which is ‘fun and casual sex’.

Despite this, the vast majority feel free to discuss contraception and it is the same story for women’s attitudes towards taking emergency contraception.

Dr. Debbie Smith, General Practitioner and Contraceptive Lead, Student Medical Practice, Leeds said: “It is great that young people are taking responsibility and are open to talking about contraception… I’d also recommend that women get to know where their local pharmacy is should they need to purchase emergency contraception.”

To find your nearest pharmacy, GP or sexual health clinic simply follow this link to the NHS website. Click Here


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