Disabled Student Engagement SAP - June 2012

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I spent last week carrying on writing up the methodolody and results sections of the final report for both the telephone interviews and the questionnaires.  I've now put together a basic template for the final report, so even though there are still a lot of empty in there, I can see much more clearly what still needs to be done and how all the sections will link together in the end. 

I've also managed to get all the questionnaire results typed up - we had a 125 people do the questionnaire which was really good, so I've now got to go through and write the results section around the tables, and write up the methodology section for the questionnaire.  I'm hoping to have a draft copy of the report, excluding reccommendations etc done by the end of next week, as it will be much easier to identify the main barriers disabled students experience in engaging with their human support when the report is in context than from lots of bits of information in several different files!


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