Disabled Students Engagement SAP - May 2012

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So......I've finally handed all my assignments in, and am back working on my SAP, which is something I'm very grateful for as it means I don't have to face the big black hole of impending doom of 'what do I do with my life now I've finished my degree' for another few weeks :-p


I started back working in the Student Enabling Centre (SEC) last Thursday, and will be in the office 3 days this week.  All of the primary research into disabled students' expereinces of using (or not using) non-medical helper support such as mentoring and tutoring is now complete, so I'm busy writing up the report.  I finished writing up the results from the telephone interviews at Easter, so I'm now writing up the methodology section - I'm glad I've still got just over 30 hours left on this project as my main though after doing this on Thursday was 'this is going to take me longer than I thought.....'.  I'm going to carry on writing this up today, and also have another look at all the statistics I collected about the take up of human support in the last couple of academic years at the start of the project back in September, as I have lots of tables full of numbers, but still need to write this up in a way it can be used in the report. 


I also still need to look at and write up the results from the questionnaire conducted by the SEC, which I'm hoping to start either at the end of this week or next week. 


The project's coming together really nicely, so it's now a case of writing everything up and then tying up all the ends so I can summarise the main findings of the project and make some reccommendations about how to increase the number of students who use their human support, and improve their experiences of doing so.


Margaret Mulholland
3:44pm on 28 May 12 Sounds like you are almost there Claire- keep up the good work!
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