The end is in sight!!! Update on the disabled student engagement SAP

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I'm finally coming to the end of my SAP as I've only got another 8 hours left on the project!  It feels very odd that it's nearly over, and while I'll be glad to have finished the project so it can be used to help improve disabled student engagement with non-medical helper support, I'm going to really miss doing it!


This week I've mainly been proofreading the methodology sections of the report to tidy it up, and adding all the things I forgot first time round, like putting titles on tables (my secondary school maths teacher would kill me otherwise!), that I used semi-structured telephone interviews and generally making it flow better.  I've also finally rewritten the introduction to the report which is made up of statistics on the number of disabled students the SEC knew of last academic year, the amount of non-medical helper support that was used and at what time of the year.  I've been avoiding this since I last looked at it back in October, as it involved going through a lot of detailed tables in excel, the thought of which was rather overwhelming.  However, once I got started on it, it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.  I've also written in note form an 'aims and objectives' section to go after this, to outline the brief I had from the SEC, how the questions for the interviews were developed, how I approached the project and what the intended outcomes of it were.


My big job for next week is to write the conclusions and recommendations, and I'm a little worried I won't get this done in time.  However, I've got some notes on these that I've been making as I go along, so hopefully once I get started it will come together pretty easily.  It's really just a case of tying up all the ends of the project now.  I've also got to write a summary of the main findings of the qualitative and quantative sections of the report, so that if people don't want to read the whole report (currently 46 pages, 8048 words and still growing!!!) that they can read the main points.  However, I'm not quite sure how to do this without just copying and pasting the summary sections from the bottom of each subsection, so will give this some serious thought over the weekend.


I'll put another blog up next week, either amid the panic of trying to get the report finished or once it's done, printed and finished!


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