Cue Sports don't mess around!

Cue sports are off to an amazing start this year!


Cue Sports are off to a smashing start again this year! This group has been nonstop from last year to this year and they have achieved so much in the last few weeks of this academic year.


The Staffs Cue Sports club has managed to secure two sponsorships –

  1. Longton Snooker & Pool club – Supporting the club in getting their team tops, discounted tables, supporting in the running of their tournaments to come and much more!
  2. One Stop Computers (Stoke) – Sponsoring them £600 to assist in the purchase of team tops and more.


On the weekend of 22nd-23rd October Staffs Cue Sports took 3 teams to the Keele University Players championship and what an outcome it was!

  • Staffs 1st team demolished their group stage and at the end managed to take 3rd place out of 16 teams.
  • Staffs 2nd team finished 3rd place in their group stage putting them into the plate but that wasn’t a problem as they took 1st place in the plate!
  • Staffs 3rd team finished 4th in their group and met Staffs 2nd in the knockout stage taking a loss but that wasn’t a problem for them when they took 3rd place in the plate!

Staffs 1st – 3rd place championship

Staffs 2nd – 1st place plate

Staffs 3rd – 3rd place plate.


In total 15 players went and took away 15 medals and one trophy!



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