Equestrian Club have strutted in Style

The Equestrian club have galloped, trotted, and jumped their way to 1st place!

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The Equestrian club have secured a victory in the first competition this year at Courses for Horses against Liverpool John Moores University and Chester University on the 7th of December 2022. They competed in two phases to take their victory (Dressage and show jumping)

Dressage being scored out of 250. (14 different movements with the horse)

Show Jumping being scored out of 10 per fence. (Jumping over fences as clean as possible)

In the competition the riders got given 7 minutes to know their horse which is not a lot of time at all but, without a doubt, they took 1st place.

In Dressage:

Staffs finished on 20 penalties (1st)

Liverpool Finished on 37.5 penalties (2nd)

Chester finished on 66.5 penalties (3rd)


In Show Jumping:

Staffs finished on 108 (1st)

Liverpool finished on 125 (3rd)

Chester Finished on 112 (2nd)


Staffs – 128

Liverpool - 162.5

Chester – 178.5

Staffs smashing their way to victory with an amazing score in their first tournament of the year.

Now onto the individuals:

Riders competing in the same two phases, 2 of our 4 riders came away with rosettes –

Laura Bayliss finishing 4th

Libby Watson finished 1st


Libby Watson is on her way to qualifying for nationals!

A message from Equestrian club:


The session for equestrian is on Wednesdays and meet at Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre (SSMSC) at 1pm

“You should give it a try as It’s a small club and we get along so well, lots of social events and get the opportunity to ride with horses. This opportunity gives you the best of both worlds – relaxing/adrenaline run.”


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