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If you were wondering about some of the fantastic events we have here at Staffs, look no further!

Here are just a few of our students' faves...

Ember Live Lounge

Our student Captain of Vlogging, Jade, likes how Ember Live gets creative people in a room together and gives local artists and student musicians a platform to share their music in a relaxed environment.
You can watch some of their performances on our YouTube channel.

Gobble & Flashback at LRV | Every Wednesday & Friday night

Your friendly Students' Union venue hosts two club nights a week with great drinks deals and some wacky and wonderful ways to gain free entry!
Your SU President, Connor Bayliss loves a Gobble. He says its the best place to relax mid-week, meet more people and extend your friendship group.
LGBT+ Network Manager, Len, prefers LRV's Friday night offer, saying he "always has a good night" at Flashback, it's where you can hear all your favourite throwback tracks from the Seventies through to the Noughties. As well as £1 drinks offers, we've seen students gain entry to the venue through donating bottle caps, period packs and of course, the coveted free entry business cards.

Crafernoons | Every other week

If you're the kinda person who enjoys scrapbooking, arts and crafts or just fancy the odd distraction from Uni work, why not spend your afternoons creating cute gifts to take away or in this particular case, making goo to use in a boomerang (or, a goo-merang, if you will).
Bring yourself, your friends and even your family members along, everyone is welcome and it won't ever cost you a penny. 
Nat from our student-led Mature, Parent & Carer Network told us "the fun we had when we made the slime was wholly memorable".


We have hundreds of AMAZING student-led groups on offer and we'd love to highlight them all BUT if we did, we'd be here forever talking about how brilliant they are so instead, here's a couple to keep you going...

Airsoft Society | Every weekend during term time

Our Airsoft society is pretty cool and their Insta is on point. They're a great bunch and you should definitely speak to them at the Welcome Fair on Wednesday 18th September because they will let you try the full gear on and who wouldn't want to do that?!
Student ,Tallin, tells us that they really enjoyed Airsoft society every weekend and found that the group "was a really good way to build my communication skills"!


Cheer Give It A Go | Every semester

We like to talk a lot about our award winning Cheerleading Society, the Staffordshire Scorpions, and you're in luck - they run training sessions every week for members but regularly host Give It A Go's so anybody can do just that.
"I had loads of fun attending the Cheerleading Give It A Go’s. They made it super inclusive and I’m really blessed that I could take part" student, Bal, tells us.


Karaoke | Every Tuesday night at Ember Lounge

This isn't just any karaoke. This is Ember Lounge karaoke. World renowned for the BEST and WORST student singers from Staffordshire University*.
We heard attending one is a rite of passage. 

*it's a niche cateory, but we like to think it exists.


Better Staffs Forums | Every semester

If you thought democracy was dead then boy, were you wrong!
We ask students to tell us their ideas. Literally anything.
We discuss the really big #BetterStaffs ideas here as well as get feedback on how the Union is working on the other suggestions you've told us. Take a look at some the current ones here.
SU Vice President, Scott said the Better Staffs Forum was his favourite thing to go to at Staffs because he loved seeing real positive change. We think he might also like bigging himself up when he does cool things like get more dual monitors for students and board games in the venues for everyone to play... but that's neither here nor there.

And to think, this is only a select few of the brilliant things to do at Staffs.

Make sure to keep up to date with all our social media accounts and our What's On page to find out more.


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