What should I expect from my learning and teaching at Staffs

The Student Charter outlines the commitments of the University, the Union and Students in 2020/21

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Over the last few weeks, the Elected Officer Team have been working hard with the University to create a 'Student Charter' to outline the commitments of the University, the Union and Students in 2020/21, and we want your feedback!

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to engage in their learning and have the chance to Be Part of It! 

What is a Student Charter?

Student Charter is a document between students, the University and that Union that outlines what to expect from all those groups. It's a written commitment by the University to a certain academic standard, a commitment by the Union to support all students and a commitment by the student to actively partake in learning and respect the community. 

The full draft can be seen beneath the graphic.


How can I feedback?

Feedback couldn't easier, simply log in and comment, or email studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk


What about Blended Learning?

The final charter will include information explaining the measures in place to create a safe learning environment for all members through Blended Learning. You can also keep up to date with these changes:

Staffordshire University commitments: 

  • Our commitment to you is that you can expect a course that has been quality assessed to enable you to achieve the best you can.  
  • Your modules will be clear at the start of each semester so you can understand what to expect in terms of your course delivery, the support available and the resources you will need. This will outline changes if we experience further lockdowns. 
  • We will provide the mechanisms for you to reach out if you feel we have not delivered on expectations.? 
  • Our expectation is that our team will deliver a great digital experience to you for those times when you are not on campus.? 
  • We recognise having access to relevant resources is critical for our students; our aim is to provide you with up-to-date?materials accessible on your learning platform. 
  • We understand from our students that interactions with peers and academics is essential to your learning experience, we will build this into our sessions to provide meaningful opportunities for engagement.? 
  • You can expect us to provide you with clear and timely feedback to help you develop during your time with us. 
  • You will have an academic mentor who will support and guide your learning development, making sure that you have a mechanism to track your progress and offer face to face support where needed to help you achieve. 
  • We want you to be proud of what you have achieved during your time with us. 

Student commitments: 

  • To make your learning experience the best it can be, you will need to engage in all available learning opportunities and required assessments. 
  • Students will engage with learning communities, encouraging peers and participating in online discussions in a respectful and supportive way which furthers group learning and ensures that all contributions are valued.   
  • We want to know if you are unable to access or engage with online learning and teaching activity so it is important that you reach out to your mentors so we can work together to get the right outcome for your success.  
  • It is important to us that you have the right technology to engage with your learning. If you need support and guidance, you can contact the Digital Services Help Desk via 3800@staffs.ac.uk 
  • Blended learning and access to specialist teaching space will require a commitment from you to engage and attend at the times we set, or let us know when you are unable to do so. Not engaging with your learning may lead to you being withdrawn from your studies, so act promptly. 
  • It is important that you actively engage with Student Support & Wellbeing Services quickly to discuss and review any additional or changed learning support requirements, which may arise. If you need support contact our?wellbeing@staffs.ac.uk  
  • You will need to take responsibility for your online safety, learning and wellbeing, taking action to inform and engage with support where appropriate.? 
  • Tell us through your mentor or the Students’ Union studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk when things are not what you expected, we want to ensure you have a great experience while you are here and we can only change things when we know.? 
  • We recognise your circumstances may change throughout the year, we are here for you so please come and talk to the hub team and we can make sure you are linked to the right person studenthub@staffs.ac.uk 

Students’ Union commitments: 

  • Our aim is to provide you with an independent voice to improve your student experience, by representing your views, concerns and aspirations as well as being your source of advice and support in times of need. 
  • As a student-led organisation, you will have the chance to elect your student representatives who lead your Students’ Union, working with our diverse student population as well as our underrepresented groups, to ensure every voice is heard. 
  • We want you to feel part of our community, so we will provide you with relevant student focused opportunities and activities that will enable you to have the best possible experience and reach your full potential. 
  • As a responsible organisation, and charity, every penny we earn goes directly back into the services that benefit you and to ensure we have a union fit for the future. 
  • You can expect a strong partnership with your Union and University to ensure your academic and non-academic needs are met and your health and wellbeing is supported throughout your journey with us. 
  • We know having the competitive edge is critical to your future, so we provide you with access to a range of personal development opportunities through employment opportunities, volunteering and leadership roles. 
  • We are here for you when you need us, we will?be available to you in a way that works for you, so that you can access us digitally or in-person depending on your circumstances and preferences to support your student experience.? 
  • Ultimately, we want you to be proud of our University and the experience you have during your time with us so, if you need us, please get in touch union@staffs.ac.uk  


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