A newbie on the block...

Who is this person running around shouting about they/them pronouns and making big deals out of little things? Well. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

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Image of Vice President Carter Fitzpatrick against a Union Green background


I'm Carter, one of your Elected Officers for the 2020/2021 academic year! I know there's still a lot going on right now but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself!

First up is one of the most important things to me, my gender identity and pronouns. I am non-binary and I use they / them pronouns exlusively, I also prefer non gendered terms so please avoid things like that for me!

I've just completed my 2nd year on the Media Film Production course (not quite a graduate like most officers, I know! :o ) but I've realised that I want to go into something healthcare related instead. I haven't decided on what yet though!

Buuuut this comes in quite handy when it comes to the Schools I'm representing; the Health and Social Care school and the Staffordshire Business School! :D I'm passionate to get these schools represented fully and can't wait to be working with the department and course reps on helping everybody to be #ProudToBeStaffs.

My top 3 priorities for this year are:

  • Improving mental health support access
  • Inclusion and representation work (including a lot of LGBT+ education)
  • Further actions for sustainability

And I cannot wait to crack on with doing these!

Sooooo a little bit less about me at uni... 

I'm a Piggie Parent to two little guinea pigs called Peanut and Cookie and I absolutely love them! I ony got them in May but I fell in love with them from day 1 and it's been amazing seeing their personalities grow so much! Here we are having a little lunch date on my break, we're all sharing some cucumber. A big benefit of me having these babies is that because they have fresh fruit and veg daily it means I eat more fruit and veg as well!

What else do I do outside of uni work and officer work?

Well I'm a cheerleader with the Staffordshire Scarlettes! I've always hated sports and exercise and never found anything that interesrted me so I was over the moon when I finally tried out for cheer and loved it! It's a great way to keep fit and healthy and the team are so lovely, they're so welcoming of everyone regardless of what level you are! I'm still a complete newbie, I'm not very flexible yet (shh.. don't tell anyone I haven't been doing my cheer stretches through lockdown...), and I struggle with remembering routines but everybody is so kind and considerate, you're supported no matter what!

Another society I'm part of is the Theme Park Society which was the first society of its kind in the country! It was actually founded by one of last years officers, Scott William Smith and some other students and still runs pretty successfully! They were nominated for a few awards this year, including the Sustainability Award at Proud To Be Staffs for doing a beach cleanup at Blackpool before going to the Pleasure Beach there during green week! They were also short-listed for the Student Group of The Year award too which is no surpirse as they are a fun and welcoming society and I fully encourage anyone who loves rollercoasters to join them.

Let's just finish off with a few random likes and dislikes....

I've been a big fan of Doctor Who since it was restarted in 2009, and I don't actually have a favourite doctor as I love them all!
I also love going on holiday to warm places, which I think is no surprise for someone who loves summer and lives in the UK...
My favourite Disney films are The Princess and the Frog, Coco, and Moana but I just generally love Disney...

I don't like tomatos. Don't know why but I just don't get on with them. I'll swap them for mushrooms on a brekkie everyday.
I'm also not really a fan of Ru Paul's Drag Race, which I'm sure is much to the dissapointment of Tuesday... (sorry Tues :( )
And although I'm with the Theme Park Society and we travel quite far for some of our trips I actually don't like long journeys as I get travel sick.


That's a little bit more about me, keep checking out my blogs and vlogs to see what I get up to in the next year!


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