Allies Programme

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Photo of the LGBT+ Allies

Last week we joined students, staff and friends around the University to launch the new Allies Programme.

With some fantastic work done by our LGBT+ Network and facilitated by the university and YOU, the student body, the Allies program has created a safe space where everyone is welcome to express opinions and share personal experiences you've had as part of the LGBT+ community.

Launching on the 20th of June, the 'Allies Training and Awareness Programme' will be available to you, if you are interested get in touch at Once you complete the training, you'll receive an email footer and an 'Allies badge', which you can wear with #PRIDE to show support for our LGBT+ community. 

Join us, and let's lead to way to equality, and lets progress onward and upwards for the Allies LGBT+ community here at Staffs.

Special thanks to our LGBT+ Network and Gill Grainger and Portia Bentley at the University for their continued support and continues a fantastic week for our community as we also saw Fee Wood awarded ‘Role of the Year’ at the Regional Stonewall Awards.


Kelly Cartlidge-Bridge
7:21pm on 10 Jun 19 Sign me up !!!!
Nat Campbell
7:19pm on 10 Jun 19 Well done can't wait to be an official ally
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