BHM's Top 12 Must See List!

Do you know your black history? You will by the time you've read and watched all this!

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"Through my friendships and my own research, I've developed an understanding of Black British History and what it's like to be Black and British today. However, I still have so much to learn!

It's important to recognise the importance of using different materials to develop this knowledge in both staff and students alike, myself included.

In celebration of Black History Month, I am delighted to share with you a reading and watch list, with contributions by both students and staff of all heritages" - Geeta Lal, Vice President 2019/20


Must Reads

Black and British: A Forgotten History, David Olusoga (Book)
Recommended by: Leah Mahon, Russel Campion, Howard Bell, Eleanor Fisher

Why I’m no longer talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge (Book)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Staffs Afro-Carribbean Society (ACS), Trust Diya, Laura Walton-Williams

Must Watch

12 Years a Slave, Solomon Northup (Film)
Recommended by: Dawn Lawrence, Russell Campion, Staffs ACS

Black-ish, Netflix (TV)
Recommended by: Dawn Lawrence, Staffs ACS

Hidden Figures, Theodore Melfi (Film)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Staffs ACS, Trust Diya, Paul Orsmand

Roots (TV)
Recommended by: Dawn Lawrence, Staffs ACS

Get Out, Jordan Peele (Film)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Qhama Matthews, Ela Hollies

Dear White People, Netflix (TV)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Staffs ACS

When They See Us, Netflix (TV)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Staffs ACS

Black Panther, Ryan Coogler (Film)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Staffs ACS

The Color Purple, Steven Spielberg (Film)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal,  Tolulope Olarewaju

Selma, Ava DuVernay (Film)
Recommended by: Geeta Lal, Toluope Olarewaju, Qhama Matthews

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