COVID-19: New Academic Regulations and What They Mean for You

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Due to the escalation of restrictions on public life due to the coronavirus outbreak, the University moved towards remote delivery of all of its teaching.

In response to questions and concerns from students, your Elected Officer Team worked over changes to Academic Regulations that the University put in place, making sure that University decision makers were asked the questions students posed.

Following the implementation of the new regulations, students received communications around what would happen next, but the Union has still heard some confusion about exactly what this means in regards to assessments and exams.

Here's the three main points that everyone should know, with detail broken down for each:

The University are applying 2 to 4 weeks extensions - but only where it’s deemed necessary

  • This doesn’t mean everyone gets an extension to an assessment deadline or scheduled exam automatically

  • Course Leaders will make the decision of how long the extension will be

  • The University's Registrar, Director of Learning & Teaching and your Dean have checked and approved any changes to assessments

  • You should have now been told about any changes to your assessments or exams

  • Some courses that include professional accreditation or regulation can't give extensions due to restrictions in place by those external bodies

Your Course Leaders will be making the decisions that will immediately affect your studies

  • You need to check in with your Course Leader if you have questions about assessments, exams or support for your remote teaching & learning

  • Your Union is here to help if you can’t get answers, or feel the arrangements aren’t suitable or fair - we're working directly with Heads of Department and the University Senior Leadership Team on this

  • Remember to talk to your Course or Department Reps about any difficulties, or you can contact the Student Voice Team or the Officer Team

The University has back-up plans to help everyone achieve a fair grade

  • We know there may be reasons why some people just won’t be able to complete some of their work and the University also understand this

  • If you can’t get access to space, tools or resources you need, the University has a process of determining a grade that reflects your work so far

  • Judged case by case and with decisions made within your School as appropriate, measures to determine your grade could include:

    • Carrying over this year's work to complete it in the next academic year

    • Cancelling outstanding assessments if 66% of grades have already been achieved

    • Awarding a grade that reflects your grades and engagement up to this point on your course, even if 66% hasn't been met

    • Awarding a degree classification that matches your average achievement, as long as 330 credits have been achieved

    • Awarding an ordinary degree classification if 330 credits has not been met

  • We'll be adding a flow chart of these steps to make the process a little clearer as soon as we can

  • Students on Accelerated Courses may be affected differently and the University is still working on any different challenges these courses may experience

  • Final years will still finish your degree this summer, but your graduation ceremony will have to be postponed

I still have questions, or I'm confused about something

Your Union is here to help. Please contact the Student Voice or Advice Teams if you need help, or remember that it's your Course Leader who will be making key decisions about what changes on your course.


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