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Hayden talks to PC Gareth Richardson about student safety concerns,

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PC Gareth Richardson

Hey all,

Listening to student feedback, I've met with our on-campus liaison police officer, Gareth Richardson, to discuss several student concerns regarding the recent burglaries in Shelton. Gareth has assured us that the police are already taking steps to increase patrols and visibility from local police in the area to deter criminal activity. 

Gareth commented that these crimes are usually conducted by opportunist thieves who see that doors, windows, and gates have been left open, and 90% of these crimes would most likely have been avoided if the houses in question had been secured. So can I encourage you to ensure that when you and your housemates leave the house, lock your front door and ensure the windows and back gates are secured.

He also reminded us that these opportunist thieves also target unlocked vehicles, so as we are coming to the end of the year and some of you might be moving house, make sure you lock your vehicle between trips to load it up with your valuables.

If you have seen any suspicious activity, anyone who looks out of place (for example, wearing a balaclava or scarf to hide their features or someone who looks like they are scoping out an area), please make sure to report it on the SafeZone app, and contact Gareth as your local liaison police officer or the police directly, reporting these suspicious persons or crimes helps the police in combating crime in that area.


Email Gareth:

In emergencies, dial 999

In non-emergency situations, dial 101


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