Christmas Crafts - Sustainable Wrapping

Avoid plastic, use more recycled paper or not...

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Wrapping paper can be recycled in the UK– but it has to be a specific type.

  • Avoid wrapping paper that is very thin as this contains very few suitable quality fibres and often cannot be recycled.
  • If the wrapping can be scrunched up in a paper ball (and if it stays that way), then it more than likely will be widely recyclable.
  • Brown paper is quite common this time of year as you can add decorations to it to make it more personal, but it is the best for recycling. Avoid wrapping paper that is heavily dyed, laminated, decorated in gold or silver patterns, coloured shapes, and glitter.
  • If you are disposing of wrapping paper on Christmas day, make sure you remove all tape as tape determines whether some wrapping paper can or can't be recycled.  
  • Re-purpose scrap paper/last years wrapping and wrap up small gifts or make gift bags and tags. 


Did you know, wrapping-paper can be used for making Christmas decorations not just wrapping presents?

Recycle some cardboard boxes and wrap them up as 'fake presents' under the tree. Then, you can bring them out every year to fill out under the tree or scattered around the house!

They say you can't recycle crisp packets but turn them inside out, cut along the side, and have shiny wrapping paper (just make sure you clean the crisp crumbs out!) 

Have you got an old un-filled word search book that you don't use? Wrap small gifts in it and circle words that mean the most to the person you're giving it to - personal yet sustainable. The same goes for old books, rip out the page and use it as wrapping paper! 

Do you have any old tea towels? Christmas or not, wrap your presents in fabric! If you can use a sewing machine or even hand stitch you can make pouches or draw string bags!

Don't throw away your glass jars! Not only do they look quirky, they are also paperless! Decorate your jar Christmassy by adding house hold items! 

Last year, Primark turned their carrier bags into reusable wrapping paper, but who says you can't use any old paper bag? Brown paper is highly trendy! 

Avoid using plastic wrap, there are so many alterantives!


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