Circuit Laundry. Time for a #BetterStaffs

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Circuit has been an issue for students in accommodation for many years, as President I’ve finally managed to get in contact with them and pursue these problems.

  • Circuit have agreed to come in and service ALL machines, to ensure that they are at a working and useful standard, and that they will continue to fulfil their needs for students.
  • Following this Circuit have also agreed to come onto campus and monitor these machines on 2 set days, students can use this opportunity to speak to Circuit about their issues with the Launderettes and hopefully gain a bit more clarity around the issues and hopefully see some solutions and results from Circuit.

We will continue to pressure circuit until they are at good standard that we’d expect for our students here.

I have created a complaint form below so that students can report issues. I can then forward these onto to Circuit to monitor their response time in fixing these machines.

Connor Bayliss

President 2019 - 2020


As well as the complaints form below, you can also have your say on Circuit on February 12th between 12:30pm and 4pm in the Bush House Laundrette.



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