Could You Be a Community Rep?

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Could you be the new Community Rep for Stafford, Shrewsbury or London?

You could be responsible for community projects and ideas and make a real difference to the student experience at your study site.

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What is it?

Last year we tried to understand how students could feel like more of a community with their peers. The students we spoke to fed back that having a person to help students come together for inclusive activities and discussion of ideas would help people feel better connected and more at home whilst studying.

Considering the strange and challenging times that we’re all living through right now, this new role is more important than ever, so your Union is piloting a Community Rep role for your campus!

What will they do?

Just like our Reps that focus on academic experience (Course Reps, Dept Reps & Officers), our new Community Reps will receive an induction for the role and will be supported by both the Student Voice and Engagement Teams at your Students’ Union.

Community Reps will have a small budget to plan and deliver activities that will work for the students at their campus. Their job will be to talk to others studying at their site to understand what kind of activity is going to be accessible and positive for their peers. They'll have the support of your Union's Engagement Team to guide them through anything they'll need help with.

Your new Community Rep will also hold forums (online or in person) to get London/Stafford/Shrewsbury students together to share their perspectives, ideas and experiences. The Community Rep can then work with students and Officers to make the change that students want to see. The Student Voice Team will help them to organise and deliver these conversations.

I'm interested, what do I need to do?

If you'd like to know more, you can contact the Student Voice or Engagement Teams, or come along to a Teams discussion to learn more!

If you're keen to get on with it, you can head straight to and nominate yourself between 9am on the 5th October and before midnight on Sunday 24th October


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