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+ What is the Leadership Race?

Every year, every student has the opportunity to stand as, and vote to elect, the leaders of your Students' Union:

The students elected to #LeadStaffs start their work over the summer to make sure all students at Staffordshire University feel #ProudToBeStaffs.

+ How do I vote?

Log in to the Students' Union website using the 'Student Login' option.


If you're not already logged in on your browser, enter the email address and password you use to access your student emails.



This will take you to the homepage.

Head to the voting page and you should see the option to view the 'Candidate list', 'Post list', and a button to 'Vote now'.

Take some time to look through the posts and candidates you can vote for before clicking 'Vote now' and then click through the options.


You can rank your candidates in order of preference and then cast your vote. Every vote counts.


If you'd like further guidance on voting, check out our walkthrough video »

+ Can I vote for more than one person?

Yes, if there is more than one candidate standing for a post you can rank them in order of preference. 

We use a system called 'Single Transferable Vote' which means if your favourite candidate doesn't get enough votes, their votes will be redistributed based on 2nd preferences, 3rd preferences, and so on.

Like we said, every vote counts.

+ Why should I vote? 

Everyone who is elected in the Leadership Race will be representing you on a day-to-day basis for a whole year.

They will be making and influencing decisions on everything from your academic experience to your social life at Staffordshire University and what they say could have an impact on students for years to come too.

If someone was speaking on your behalf, you'd want to have a say on who that was, right?

Here's 10 more reasons why you should vote »

+ Who should I vote for?

That's for you to decide.

Take a look through the 'Candidate List' to read their manifestos, check out their campaigns on social media by following #LeadStaffs and watch some short video clips from your full-time Officer candidates here.

Whoever's campaign and ideas resonate with you most or whoever you think would do a good job, that's your answer.

+ When can I find out the results?

You can find out the results of this year's Leadership Race on Thursday 29th of April 2021.

Head to our website ( to see the results published online or tune into the live results show on our Facebook page from 7 pm on the 29th.


Share who you've voted for today tagging @staffsunion or using #LeadStaffs and you'll be entered into our prize draw to win a free Dominos Pizza or online retail voucher

Search 'leadstaffs' on Instagram or Snapchat and use our elections stickers to show your support.


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