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Choose who you'd like to lead your group for the next academic year.

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Something not working?

If you are struggling to vote or seeing messages around "not being eligible", this will be because you either haven't opted in and shared your data with the Union, or because the University does not class you as a current student. Learn more by clicking here.

Any other questions?

Fancy a chat? Our friendly Student Voice Team are here to support candidates, voters and University staff. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us using the details below.


Telephone | 01782 294687


Elections Schedule

  • Academic Representatives (Course/Department) – October

  • NUS Delegation – November

  • Leadership Race – March

  • Committee By-elections - April

Leadership Appointments

  • Student Trustee

  • Lay Trustee



How does the voting work?

It’s super simple; voters log into the Union website to vote for the candidates. Voters use 'preferential voting' as this allows for votes to be 'transferred' to other candidates if your favourite candidate is elected or doesn't quite make the quota. This all sounds very confusing, but this handy video explains what single transferable voting (STV) is and how it works: