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How does Voting Work?

What's up for Election?

Student Group Byelection 2020

This election is for the members of Staffordshire University Students' Union to choose their Student Group Leaders for the 2020/21 academic year.

62 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 11:00 on Tuesday 14 April 2020 (in 6 days)

The polls open at 12:00 on Tuesday 14 April 2020 (in 6 days)

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The Leadership Race is our annual election for students to choose your leaders for the following academic year.

With a variety of posts on offer, voting takes place online across three days in March.

Are you looking for the results of the 2020 Leadership Race? Try heading to the announcement article for the 2020/2021 Full Time Officer Team or head to our results page to see who was elected to other posts.

How does voting work?

It’s super simple; voters log into the Union website to vote for the candidates. Voters use 'preferential voting' as this allows for votes to be 'transferred' to other candidates, whether your favourite candidate is elected or not. This might all sound a little confusing, but here's a couple of videos to help explain...

What voting looks like on our website:

What Single Transferable Voting (STV) is and how it works:

Which Roles are up for Election?

Full Time Officer

What is it? The Elected Officer Team are representatives of every Staffs Uni student. Those who are elected to this role will take a full year out of their studies (a sabbatical) to work solely on taking the student voice forward and creating a #BetterStaffs for everyone. As an Officer you receieve a salary and will spend time leading Gamechangers, networking with key decision makers at the University and lobbying on students' wants and needs at key Boards & Committees.

Officers are also Trustees of the Union as a chairty, meaning those elected are also responsible for making sure the Union is wel governed and run responsibly with transparency.

Your Union Priorities

What is it? Your Union always wants to better understand what students think is important, so we thought a good way to learn more would ask you! From a list of priorities that students have told us are important before, we want you to use our preferential voting system to choose their order of importance for you.

Department Representative

What is it? Department Reps exist to make changes across groups of courses at our University. With one for every department of the University (e.g. Biology, Law, Midwifery etc), Department Reps work with Officers and their Course Reps to identify patterns in student ideas and difficulties that need addressing. Department Reps network with University decision makers and put forward the student voice at key meetings to have an impact for all those students in their department.

Student Group Committees

What is it? Each student group (including Representative Networks) has three Committee Posts: Manager, Finance and Communications. The people who are elected to these posts coordinate the activity of that group, making sure its inclusive, enagaging and hopefully has great outcomes for those involved.

Eligibility in Union Elections

In order to participate (nominate yourself and vote) in the Leadership Race you must be a Current Student and be a member of the Union on the eligibility deadline of midday on the 2nd March (the same as nominations closing.

Status as a Current Student depends entirely on how the University categorise you according to your progression through your course. Your status may change if you have handed in your final piece of work, your teaching has finished or if you are only completing resits this academic year.

have "opted in" and shared your data with the Students' Union by midday on the 2nd of March. You must also be a Current Student on that deadline day to be able to participate.

If you need more info on whether you are a Current Student (or will be at the deadline), or on how to "opt in" and share your data to become a member of the Union, please click here to find out more.

Any questions?

Fancy a chat? Our friendly Student Voice Team are here to support candidates, voters and University staff. If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us using the details below.

Email |

Telephone | 01782 294 687