Could You Represent Your Campus?

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Could you be the new Site Rep for Shrewsbury or London?

You could represent academic issues and ideas and make a real difference to the student experience at your study site.

Apply now »

What is it?

This year we've enhanced the training and support on offer for Department Reps across our University, but due to some courses being taught across different sites and campuses, it's always a challenge to make sure students have a representative in place that they know understands their immediate experience where you study.

Ensuring that effective representation is in place is a top priority for your Union this year, so we're piloting Site Reps across London and Shrewsbury to make sure that the Student Voice can be heard loud and clear.

What will they do?

If successful, you would be representing academic issues and ideas for your peers at your specific site of study - London or Shrewsbury. This voluntary role is about using your unique understanding of students like you, combined with their feedback, to make positive changes to everyone's experiences.

Your new Site Rep will receive an induction for the role and will be supported by both the Student Voice Team at your Students’ Union to make sure that your ideas, opinions, perspectives and experiences are understood by the University and inform their decision making.

Just like Department Reps, Site Reps will get access to RepSavvy (our bespoke platform to connect all of our Reps) so that they can connect with other representatives and communicate with the Officer Team.

I'm interested, what do I need to do?

If you'd like to know more, you can contact the Student Voice or Engagement Teams, or come along to a Teams discussion to learn more!

If you're keen to get on with it, you can head straight to and nominate yourself between 9am on the 5th October and before midnight on Sunday 24th October


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