Day Trip to Stoke-On-Trent

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vamsi and marilou in front of gladstone



'This is mine and Marilou’s first ever trip to Stoke-On-Trent. I can’t believe I haven’t visited these places earlier. First, we started off at the railway station and walked to BET 365 Stadium. And we took a peek of the home and away team room, and we looked at Sir Stanley Mathew’s lodge and then we went in and saw the pitch. It was so beautiful! Then we made our way to Gladstone Pottery Museum where we saw and learned a bit of history regarding the Bottle Kilns. We went inside one of the Kilns and saw what was in there. And then, we looked at the Tiles Museum and the evolution of bathrooms in Gladstone. Then we went to Longton to have Oatcakes! They were so delicious, which made us to buy our second round of oatcakes. And finally, we went to Trentham Gardens and had a beautiful, calm and cozy evening there, concluding our trip.

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