Esports Varsity win for Staffs! #WeAreTheStampede

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Esports Varsity 2019

This year saw Esports Varsity return to where it all started three years ago, battling for the Esports Varsity trophy!

With each player being able to rock official Staffs branding all the competitors were raring to go at the start of the two daylong event.
With the final score being a win for Staffs with a dominating score of 7 - 2 on games won. We had astounding coverage come from both Keele and Staffs students who took part in commentary and hosting of this year’s event, ensuring that the games were well worth watching.

Saturday 6th April:

  • Dota 2, Staffs get handed a default win due to Keele's team being unable to attend.
  • Soul Calibur VI, RAV3NN of Staffs showed Keele what it means to be #ProudToBeStaffs defeating all of Keele's players single handedly, making sure to turn around afterwards and apologise!
  • Overwatch, Staffs first team made sure to redeem themselves from the last time they played Keele locally and won the match strongly with 2 points to Keele's 0.
  • Rocket League, Although the games were nail biters Keele manages to clinch it in the last game away from Staffs with a 2 - 1 victory.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive, With a bit of back and forth to begin with Staffs found their stride and proceeded to dominate throughout the matches to ensure a 2 - 0 victory ending day 1 of the event.

Sunday 7th April:

  • League of Legends, Kicking off day 2 we had the ever popular game of League of Legends with Staffs taking the first game, Keele taking the second and the final game being taken by Staffs to continue the winning streak into the second day.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Unlike Soul Calibur, Keele was able to take some of Staffs players off the board. However, Staffs still held strong with a 5-4 svictory with 3 stocks left for Staffs.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege, Unfortunately due to technical difficulties that were faced Staffs forfeit Rainbow Six, handing Keele their second point of the tournament. Instead Keele played Staffs in a ridiculous friendly in which Staffs won 2-1.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ, With a dominant play from Angelo nearly getting the reverse sweep yet again EffNC shows his strength in defeating Angelo to ensure Staffs get the win with 5 points to Keele's 4.

Final results:

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