Exceptional Regulations for Exceptional Times

Exceptional Regulations for Exceptional Times

*Edited for clarity 16/04/20

"As you might already know I have been heavily involved in developing your exceptional regulations - which will support you during these exceptional times.

I've been attending daily meetings to ensure that our University gives you the opportunity to succeed and to help and support you to complete your studies, despite the challenges we are facing together.

I am particularly proud that together we have produced a regulations document that puts measures in place that will help and support you.

  • Firstly, we have implemented an approach to ensure the marks you have already achieved up to this point will stand, unless you improve them. (Which is what most Universities class as "No-Detriment"). 
  • At Staffs we are also considering any modules you have not been able to pass as complete if you have passed 66% of the module assessment.  In addition to this, the Award Board will give you up to 45 credit (ie. 3 modules worth 15 credits each) if you are a progressing student. If you are a completing student, the Award Board will give you up to 30 credits.

The full exceptional regulations Q&A found on the MyStaffsUni App here: https://my.staffs.ac.uk/campusm/home#pgitem/384490

If things are not going well for your course. Your Union is here to help. Please contact the Student Voice (studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk) or Advice (sac@staffs.ac.uk) Teams if you need help, or remember that it's your Course Leader who will be making key decisions about what changes on your course"

Scott William Smith, Elected Officer

(Contact Scott at scott.william-smith@staffs.ac.uk)

Are you having an issue with your course and/or assessments during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Book an appointment to speak with our Student Advice Centre and discuss your personal options here.


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