Faran's Progress Updates

Want to explore some of Faran's past progress updates? Here you'll find a short profile of what he's been up to!

A photograph of Faran Sabir (full-time officer) shrugging and smiling in front of green text that re

Faran's Updates

This regularly updated page will help you track what Faran has been up to since beginning his presidency with the Students' Union. The most recent update is added to the top of the page, so scroll down for older updates...

A photograph of Faran Sabir (full-time officer) shrugging and smiling in front of green text that re

04/09 - The last fortnight has had me handling all sorts of things! I've been chatting with other institutions to share ideas on how we can ensure our accommodation is affordable and meeting with Marilou (our International Student Coordinator) to prepare a warm welcome for new international students. I've also been consistently working hard to address any timetabling issues and have even sat on the interview panel for the university's new Director of Learning and Teaching.

21/08 - This week, I've been attending meetings to ensure our Welcome programme and processes are accessible and useful for our international students. I've also been voicing the student perspective during meetings surrounding timetabling.

14/08 - This week, I've been juggling a variety of tasks but have been prioritising some proposals surrounding Welcome Week and the opportunities this presents for International Students.

07/08 - Recently, I've been working hard with the University's International Team to ensure Welcome Week is an amazing experience for all of our international students! I also visited the NUS Lead & Change Conference in London, where I connected with Officers from universities all over the country.

First Update - It's the first few weeks of my time as an Officer! I've been busy with lots of training and taking the first steps towards achieving the points on my manifesto...


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