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Film and Media Volunteering Opportunities

Church. Camera. Action! 

If you're a dab hand with a video camera and have a few hours to spare, why not support a local community to celebrate the refurbishment of their Church. 


A local community had all but forsaken their beloved All Saints Church in Hanley, due to the poor condition of the building that even made it onto the Historic England at risk register. With closure impending the community rallied around and through private donations, a Heritage Lottery Fund grant and support from th Edward Cadbury Trust and Red Industries the Church has been completely transformed.

To celebrate, the Church Team are hosting a special event, inviting many different civic dignitaries and would like to showcase thoughts and opinions of those who knew the Church before the Refurbishment. 

The Project

We would like a student to film interviews of those which knew the church before the restoration and also interview those who have played a part in restoring the church including builders, funders and the Vicar of course. 
Other people will be available such as the Bishop, Archdeacon and even English Heritage but these people will take some planning and some flexibility. The film will be a distribution of the short interviews and a showcase of the pictures thathave been taken of the church throughout the restoration. And some pictures from happy times before the church was left to ruin.

The film will then be played to the VIP visitors to the church on the 18th August. So deadline ideally is the week before. 

The Deadline

The completed project is required for the 18 August 2018, with a draft completed ideally 7 days before.


Be you a student of film technologies or simply a talented hobbyist, you're welcome to contact the Church Team to take on the project. Staff are also encouraged to get involved should they have availability. 

How to get involved

Please email as soon as possible to get involved!