Flooding Update: Residents return accommodation

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Important information regarding the return of residents to accommodation


Residents of Staffordshire University’s Aynsley accommodation

In consultation with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Severn Trent Water and the Environment Agency, we have conducted checks of the Aynsley building and its surroundings. We are pleased to inform you that there is no risk to residents, and you will be able to return to your accommodation from 10.30am today (Sunday 27 October 2019).

We would like to thank everyone who stayed in the LRV last night for their patience and understanding. The community spirit demonstrated helped to make a difficult situation more tolerable.

We would also like to thank those who volunteered for their excellent work in ensuring that all students staying in the LRV were safe and comfortable.

Please note that the electricity to Aynsley had to be turned off due to yesterday’s flooding, and fridge freezers were disconnected from the power supply during this period. Please check any food that you have in the fridge freezers and dispose of it in the appropriate manner, if it has spoiled.

We appreciate that spoiled food may cause inconvenience to some Aynsley residents. We will contact you in due course to advise on the next steps.


Residents of Staffordshire University’s Coalport, Spode, Royal Doulton and Minton accommodation

Coalport, Spode, Royal Doulton and Minton residences reopened on Saturday 26 October 2019. All students living in these residences are permitted to return to their accommodation.


Point of contact

If you have a question that requires an immediate response, please contact Campus Security by emailing campuslifecontrol@staffs.ac.uk or calling 01782 294444.