Former SU President and Student 'Fighting for Equality'

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We sat down with former Students’ Union President Bal Deol to hear about a landmark case that she won against a taxi driver in Stoke-On-Trent who refused to drive her because of her disability.


Bal explained that her discrimination from taxi drivers began when she first started University, with certain drivers either refusing to take her or by charging more for the journey.

Bal worked with ‘BBC Inside Out West Midlands’ and uncovered that she was being charged 67% more per journey than an able-bodied person. That equates to over £1000 per year!

Since this undercover operation, legislation was put in place to ensure that hackney carriage drivers could not discriminate against customers who require a provision for their wheelchair.

However, in August last year, after six different taxi drivers refused to take Bal to the train station, Bal took action and her case against a taxi driver ended up in court.

Last week, she saw victory in her case and the accused taxi driver has been heavily fined.

At the end of this, Bal said “I’m relived the ordeal is finally over and hopefully this sets a new precedent for taxis across the county”.

We’re incredibly proud of Bal, and hope she continues to fight for equality.


Natalie Campbell
5:36pm on 15 Aug 18 well done Bal. an inspiration to us all
Darren Clarke
12:52pm on 2 May 18 Amazing stuff bal
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