Get to know... Cheerleading!

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Students at Staffs: The Cheer Squad

What does the cheerleading team do? 

Staffordshire Scorpions has four competitive teams, a national title winning hip hop team, a brand new Pom dance team, Stunt teams and a competitive cheerleading team.
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What is cheerleading? 

Our team practice a combination of tumble passes, stunt sequences, jump and motion drills and choreographed dance sections to make their nationals routine. We work had on each athletes skills individually but also encourage the importance of working as a team to hit those hard stunts and to ensure the routine looks perfect and in sync. 
Our Pom and Hip hop routines are dance based however ever week technique and tricks are continuously practiced and worked upon to make sure we have maxed out our score sheets for the competitions.
Stunt teams combine a sequence of purely stunts, dismounts, flyer positions and transitions and we have three of these teams competing in different divisions.

What amazing things have we done this term?

This semester we have REBRANDED our whole team name from the legacy of the Scarlettes to the brand new Scorpions. This was a change we decided upon as the teams continue to grow and so does the world of cheerleading. We have also brand new kits that are arriving in January and these were all designed by one of our head coaches Jake Lyons!!
We filled up 40 shoe boxes for operation Christmas child with our whole team chipping in to fill these boxes!!
We have also had a bigger presence on campus supporting American football at their home games and Lacrosse!
Some or us also had a chance to be part of a music video being made for a South Korean producer and all the dancers in this were part of our team.

Planning on doing in 2019??

We are planning a massive fundraiser for next semester which will appeal to students and staff and will be a lot of fun to get involved in.
We will be taking our hip hop team to nationals in London to defend their title and we will also be continuing to work hard and develop our athletes up to a high standard!!!!
We are rebranding, constantly recruiting, striving for students to join us, enjoy themselves and ultimately join a really good sports team!!!
The team would also not function without our amazing coaches who spend hours choreographing, changing things, persevering, and encouraging our athlete so every day!!!
( Jake Lyons, Annie Thompson, Becky Edwards, Olivia Wilson, Aminata Omirose, Alex Hanley) 

We are all excited and looking forward to what next semester brings for the cheer team!!!! 


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