Guess Who's back in the House?

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Hello & welcome to my first Officer blog!

I’m back, back, back again, for All Stars my second term as one of your Vice Presidents for 2020/21.

This blog is a little way for you to be able to get to know me, and I have included a little scavenger hunt for you. Look out for 8 Drag Race References, and if you find them all send me a message on Facebook

My all time favourite Drag Race quote is “Red Wig and a Silver Dress? I don’t think.”
Tell me yours!



I’m a big Gamer with BEng in Computer Games Design, But I really want a Master’s Degree in Fierce. My Favourite Games and Franchises are: Animal Crossing ,Borderlands, Skyrim, World of Warcraft. I know you’re wondering… Loktar Ogar! For the Horde! I’d love to be involved in a Staffs Uni Raid Team for WoW, If you’re interested let us know.

After Streaming for over a year and studying Games Design, I’m very passionate about diversity and equality in gaming, not just representation within the game but of people within in the industry. I want to be able to encourage younger girls to get involved with this area, just like we have with science and engineering throughout history. COME THRU EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES!



Why did I want to be an Officer again?

Last Academic year, I needed to finally get my degree, But deep down I knew I wasn’t ready to fully say goodbye to the union. There was still things I wanted to achieve, Changes I wanted to make and going back to my studies helped me recognise where the priorities should be. I reflected on my first term, and knew I could do better. I didn’t come to play, I came to slay and make valuable and important contributions to the Student Experience.

I’ve grown a lot since 18/19 year and I’m thankful for working with Tash Crump, Steph Cairncross and Scott William Smith, 3 incredible people with passions different from my own and allowing me learn about those passions even now. Since then, I didn’t get cute, I got drop dead gorgeous and educated myself on Regulations, Policy, Injustice, Sustainability, and even Sport!


This year, I’m working with Anth, Carter, and Connor, another fantastic team and learning about their passions too. Learning from each other is one the best ways we can work together as a team and understand why Students voted for us!


So Start Your Engines Staffs Uni Students, If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gunna love somebody else.

Tues x




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