Hannah and Jamie's trip to the Vegan fair vlog!

Reviewing vegan and sustainable products!

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vegan fair trip

It's Green Week 21-27th March!  

As part of Green Week we are hosting a Green Fair in Ember Square outside of the main Students' Union building on Wednesday 23rd March. Similar to the fair Hannah visited, there will be an array of stalls selling sustainable products and vegan delights!

There will be a range of activities happening throughout the week such as, double discounts on hot drinks when you bring your reusable cup at Squeeze and Verve, wildflowers planted, litter picking, a sustainable BetterStaffs Forum, and much more! 

Keep an eye on our WhatsOn page for events popping up!

Hannah and Jamie review their prodcuts they have bought from the fair. Check the Vlog below to find out what kind of sustainable and vegan products you may like!


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