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Did you hope she’d be soft and feminine?

Did you hope she’d be speechless?

Did you hope she’d change herself for you?

Did you hope she’d never learn to fly because YOU clipped her wings?

And THEN you go looking for someone who can fly?

Did you hope she’d learn to love the cage?

Did you hope that she’d come looking for YOU to be her knight in shining armour?


No, I don’t need you to save me. Keep your horse in the stable

I am not a princess looking for a knight. I’m a princess looking for my sword.

Watch me use my sword to set myself free.

Watch me break this cage and fly away.

I know that the world is so much bigger than the cage you put me in


I hope you change your mind

I ain’t falling for it when you call me hot because I’m Smarter than you think

I hope you don’t mind that I’m too dark for your taste

Cause I have too much fun in the sun

I hope you don’t mind me wearing a dress

Hopefully you’re impressed I don’t skip leg day

Time after time you hoped she’d be speechless, not fight for her rights

And be a dog to your command.

Even a bitch has a mouth and I will never be silenced

and Now...

 I HOPE that you make your peace with it


By Anaida Fernando


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