How to Make Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Makes 16 |

This recipe is great for when you want a chocolatey fix to keep you going throughout the day! Using ingredients that you can find in the supermarket, this rocky road will cure ANY chocolate cravings. Simply mix all the ingredients, and leave it to set in the fridge...but be careful, it's VERY moreish! 

You Will Need:

  • A Square Baking Tin 
  • Cake Tin Liners or Greaseproof Paper
  • A Big Mixing Bowl
  • Some smaller bowls 
  • A Big Spoon 
  • A Saucepan 


  • 400g Milk Chocolate
  • 125g Golden Syrup
  • 125g Unsalted Butter
  • 100g Mini Marshmallows
  • 200g Chopped Digestive Biscuits
  • 200g Chopped Crunchie Bars 


Step One: 

Line your square baking tin with cake tin liners or greaseproof paper

Step Two:

In a large bowl, break up your chocolate, put in your butter and pour in your golden syrup and melt this either in the microwave on short bursts, or over a pan of boiling water, stirring regularly. 

Step Three:

Once your chocolate, butter and syrup has melted, add in your marshmallows, chopped biscuits, and chopped crunchie. Give this all a good mix until all the ingredients are combined. 

Step Four:

Pour the mixture into your lined baking tin and spread it out so the mixture is even in the tin. 

Step Five:

Place your filled tin in the fridge until it sets. This shouldn't take too long, but try to be patient! Once it has set, chop it up into squares and enjoy!


Watch the full tutorial on YouTube below: