Jo Gideon Response Letter

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Jo Gideon, MP response to Students' Union Letter

Date 15th April 2020 | Any questions? Contact

Following our letter sent to Jo Gideon (April 3rd 2020) expressing students' concerns about paying rent during the covid-19 pandemic and government lockdown, we have since received a response (April 15th 2020).


You can access the full PDF to read here.

Unfortunately this was "not the response I would have wanted" (03:05), says Connor Bayliss, Elected Officer at Staffordshire University Students' Union. However, the Union is continuing to work with the relevant people to get a better response for students and we'll provide updates as soon as we can.


So what can students facing difficulties with their accommodation do right now?

  • Speak to our Student Advice Team and discuss your options.
  • Contact and write to your local MP including the following information: Your full name, full home address, a summary of the issue and the action you would like your MP to take, the name and contact details of your landlord and whether you wish to remain anonymous or not.
  • Contact the Department for Education helpline at 0800 046 8687.
  • If you are facing financial difficulties, the University's Student Support Fund criteria has been relaxed due to the circumstances, find out how you can access this support fund below:


The Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund (previously the Student Hardship fund) is now available for any Staffordshire University student who may be struggling financially and are worried about how this might impact on your ability to continue with your studies and you can apply any time.

You can make a repeat application if your financial circumstances have changed, you’ll just need to provide evidence for this.

We’ve tried to summarise the key points, however you should ensure you’ve read and understood the FULL Guidance notes before applying:


What can I apply for?

  • Unexpected emergencies
  • Repairs of essential household equipment
  • Travel home due to a serious family illness or bereavement
  • Assistance with additional course related costs you’d not previous anticipated
  • Assisting with the costs of diagnostic tests (i.e. dyslexia full screening) and DSA equipment contributions


Thinking of applying to this fund, we’d always recommend speaking to one of the support services first (all of which are now accessible remotely):

  • Students’ Union Advice Centre | Visit to book an appointment, email or call 01782 29 4629
  • Student Hub | Call 01782 294751 or email
  • Student Guidance | Email or book online 
  • Student Well-being | Email

Click here to apply


Have you got something to say about Jo Gideon's response or rent fees during covid-19? Share your views with us by emailing

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