Keeping your data safe - GDPR

If you’re a member of the Students Union, you might be wondering why we haven’t added to the mass of ‘GDPR emails’ flooding your inbox? Well here’s some good news, we already have a record of your consent from when you enrolled and re-enrolled, where you gave the University consent to share your personal data with the Union.


Under this consent your data was automatically and securely transferred and your account was set up on our website. This data also allowed you to log in with the same information as your student account – but don’t worry, your passwords were never shared as that’s just for you to know!

From your account, you have access to our Students’ Union website to vote, buy event tickets, join a student group and even enter our venues by simply scanning your University ID!

Behind the website is a Membership Management System, which is provided by MSL. This system automatically uses the data to create ‘groups’ such as year of study, courses and schools, as well as study sites, modes of study and age range. This in turn gives us the ability to send out bespoke communications that are customised and relevant.

This set up also give us a great deal of insight that help us shape and improve the services our members use on a daily basis. And, it helps us understand our bigger and less frequent events. For example during the Leadership Race, we show real time voter stats for schools, gender and age breakdowns. All of which help us improve and build a more accessible democracy for everyone. But don’t panic – we can’t see individual votes or who anyone votes for. Another example is understanding who is buying events tickets. With this information we can work on building an events programme that suits our diverse population here at Staffs.

You can also see our updated privacy policy

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on