National Tree Week

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It is National Tree Week! And although we have big plans for later in the winter, we couldn’t let it pass without getting involved. National Tree Week 2017 runs until the 3rd December 2017 and is the annual celebration to raise awareness and appreciation as well as encourage planting. Launched in 1975, it followed the success of Plant a Tree in ’73 and Plant Some More in ’74

Following a great year with green impact and the NUS Student Eats the union were awarded 2 apple trees to plant on campus. 

The University kindly allowed us to plant the trees in the university orchard behind Clarice Cliff halls. If you fancy a nice walk out via Lordship Lane you can take a look at the Uni orchard and even pick your own apples if you are around in September and October next year.   Although the current trees are a little older than the new ones, it will only be a few years before they are providing fruit for us to enjoy too.

Beauty of Bath and Ellison’s Orange were bred in the UK in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, helping to keep some more traditional breeds alive.  

If you want to find out more about National Tree Week and things happening in your community click here.

Keep your eyes peeled for events later this semester and early next as we will be out on campus helping to make a difference.  

Tree-mendous work for the environment!


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