Officer Updates 30th March

Each of your full-time Elected Officers have released an update on various topics (30th March 2020), check them out on their profiles:

Connor Bayliss Staffs SU | Wellbeing & Support

Anaida Fernando Staffs | Deadline Extensions Info

Scott William Smith Staffs | Housing & Satellite Campuses

"Casual Daily update: Had a executive team meeting in the morning discussing where we are as a University and Students' Union in regards to Covid-19. Same message as before:

Continue to contact your course team to raise concerns around assignment structures and deadlines, we as a union are here to support you if things are not going to plan. A significant discussion was had regarding the national picture of the housing sector, still no current financial support for landlords. Unfortunately hands are tied until this is available.

After that meeting we explored new ways of having effective governance at our satellite campus'. I am currently writing a report to outline our strategic direction to effectively hear students voices for those that are not physically based in Stoke-On-Trent. Hoping to get this completed by Friday, but now I don't have to walk across campus for my meetings and instead sat in my chair all day. I feel like I have been blessed with the gift of time."

Geeta Lal Staffs SU | Officer Handover & Race Equality

"So, a little update from today...
I'm starting to wrap up work for this year and prepare for the handover to the new team.
So, if anyone is interested in getting involved with some exciting race related projects (open to all - the more the merrier), please bob me a message!"