Forward Planning

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Forward Planning | Officer Team 2018/2019

A lot of students ask us officers, 'What are we doing'? Well, this article is all about what we as full time officers are working towards until the end of our term. Presented above is an infographic, and a specific descriptor of each of our game changers, projects and plans for the next couple of months. In the meantime, remember you can contact us to find out more information on any of the work we are doing!

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  • Scott William Smith:
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Alternatively you can contact for most enquires!

Create and enhance the unions game changers

1) Healthy Minds: 

This campaign is about Students recognising when and how to destress, we intend to create a variety of events this year such as:

  • Crafternoons
  • Comedy Nights
  • Nesta's Ark / Doggy Destress Days

2) Register to Vote: 

Students are becoming more politically aware every year, with Brexit and the differential university fees making it more prevalent now than ever. This campaign will be raising awareness of the benefits as well as the impacts the student movement can have together.

3) YouCan: 

You Can is all about supporting student’s wellbeing by promoting the opportunity to get active and try something new. We’ll be vlogging our experiences trying activities that we may have never tried before.

4) 24/7 Campus: 

Working with the University, we have had a massive influence on the opening hours across campus! This campaign is about effectively communicating the opening hours across campus, and having a clear procedure on how to extend opening hours for a building!

5) Be Safe: 

Be Safe is a campaign we are continuing to promote as student safety is always a priority. We are looking to develop this further this year by having a focus on how to stay safe online.

6) #Ask Angela:

This incentive was the start of some important work to be done at Staffs in conjunction with the university. Development still needs to be done in regards to documentation of incidents, and also providing additional training sessions in 2019.

7) Union Magazine:

In our venues is the first edition of our student led magazine, we hope for this magazing to be completely student led in the future and for it to be another platform of advertising alongside digital.

1) Enhancing Academic Representation:

Academic Representation is a key factor for any students’ union as it is what gives students the platform to have a voice and it is what the NSS (National Student Survey) grades us as an organisation on every year. The University are known to religiously look at this survey to measure our performance.

Moving the academic rep elections online has caused a few issues for academics at the university. Having the elections operating online aligns very closely with our unions value, and this needs to be communicated to the wider community.

A Bi-Weekly has been set up to enhance the academic rep system, with an initial proposal to recruit earlier than September.

2) Establishing a Womens Network:

With the network not being very prominent and on students radar for the last few years, we are now looking into how we can share best practise from some of our other networks.

1) Ember Live Lounge:

Ember Live Lounge was perceived really well in it’s first semester, with an increase in attendance at our Bublé Night. Going forward, we would like the venue and student staff to start choosing the acts that preform. So it’s almost completely student led!

2) Green Week:

We run the Sustainable Union campaign every year, along with a ‘Green Week’. This year, it’s going to be more student led, incorporating different activities, events and opportunities whilst raising awareness for SDGs.

3) LRV Events:

Expanding the entertainment programme based on student feedback. We are looking to relaunch the staffs 100 to make a fairer marketing sample. Continue developing our events such as Flashback Friday, Gobble and Coffee House Sessions. Also seeking to introduce nights that appeal to niche tastes such as an open DJ night which would allow student DJ's/bedroom DJ's the chance to preform at the venue.

It is important that we ensure our events programme is suitable for anyone studying at Staffordshire University, it is really amazing to see the Mature, Parent & Carers network attending events such as Crafternoons and Flashback Friday, it shows that the union is starting to become more inclusive. It is achnowledged that there is still some developments required in this area. 

1) Parking:

Working with the University on the parking available by promoting the additional parking they have acquired as provisions for the building work on the Catalyst building. We will also be looking at the distribution of disabled spaces across campus, and a digital availability system.

2) Pricing:

Based on feedback from students, pricing across all outlets on campus are too high, from the menu extras in Union venues to the 80p #VeganTax in University outlets. As the only 24 hour option on campus, vending machines often become key to a student diet, but the prices are not reflective of a student budget.

3) Printing:

Printing is slowly becoming the plan B, but whilst the rest of the world become more digitally connected, we can provide students with ‘free’ printing with companies like Printt. Some courses require far more printing than others resulting in huge unexpected costs.

1) Lecture Capture:

Lecture Capture is a tool which would benefit students’ for a wide range of reasons and is becoming increasingly popular among institutions. It is an invaluable asset to students who have other responsibilities and could help increase retention due to students’ stress levels being lower.

2) University Services:

We all work with key services across the University and we are starting to see some positive outcomes in regards to:

  • Regulations transparency
  • Mental Health Strategy
  • Opening Hours & Facilities
  • Sexual Violence Awareness
  • Beacon Bot

Do you think we are missing something in our startegic plan? If so, why not put a suggestion forward on our better staffs forum? Alternatively you could contact the Student Voice team to ensure your voice is heard!


Telephone | 01782 294687


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