Private Landlord Accommodation: Letter to Jo Gideon (MP)

Student Accommodation: Formal Letter to Jo Gideon (Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central constituency)

Whilst we have been successful in working with the University to not charge rent on their accommodation for students who have vacated, the issue remains for students who live in private accommodation. Whilst there is no legal obligation for students to be released from their contracts as a Union we’re working with the University, as well as the SU and University at Keele, to contact all private landlords. This contact has explained the action we have taken as a University and encourages them to do the same and refund student accommodation fees for the final term.

However, we feel that more action is needed and have contacted our local MP whose constituency includes many of these students, asking:

  • Would you support legislation that would allow renters, in times of emergency, to end a fixed term tenancy agreement early?
  • Would you support legislation that would prevent action being taken to recover outstanding rent from third parties such as guarantors?
  • Would you support the government underwriting any losses incurred by landlords who release student tenants from their tenancy agreements early?
  • If the government does not support landlords by underwriting any losses incurred from releasing student tenants, would you be supportive of the government instead changing the next Student Finance loan payment to a grant as a form of “loan forgiveness”?

In addition, you may wish to contact your landlord directly and urge them to support you during this time. If you need help or guidance writing this, a landlord letter template can be found here.

- Connor, Anaida, Geeta, Scott (Elected Officer Team)


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