Proud to be Staffs - Student Experience Awards

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On Friday 11th May - we celebrated our annual Proud to be Staffs Awards with two awards ceremonies, celebrating all the people who make us all Proud to be Staffs. 

Our afternoon ceremony focused on our 'Student Experiences Awards' with awards such as Everyday Hero, Union Staff Member of the Year and Student Voice Award, whilst our evening contained our 'Student & Group Awards'.

During the afternoon we were joined by well over 100 staff, nominees and winners - and we're incredibly proud to share our list of winners. However, with over 850 nominations this year, it's clear that beyond our winners, there's fantastic staff here all making a positive difference to the student experience here at Staffs. 

In the evening, our focus turned to our fantastic student groups, and individuals who have worked all year to create fantastic activities, events and support for all our students.