Qatar 2022 - A statement from the Officer Team

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You may have noticed that at the Students’ Union, we are showing the World Cup football matches in both Verve and Ember Lounge. This gives those students who wish to watch the matches safe spaces to celebrate and support their national teams. Here at Staffs, we have a diverse community of students and value the freedom and personal choice of whether to watch these matches; however, we wanted to highlight a few issues of which you may not be aware.

There have been some well-publicised concerns regarding Qatar’s abuse of human rights, which resulted in a large number of worker deaths, along with other migrant labour abuses. Amnesty International has highlighted alongside labour rights a number of other human rights issues, such as laws that discriminate against LGBT+ individuals, women in Qatar requiring permission from a male guardian to study abroad, marry and access reproductive healthcare and being disadvantaged over male counterparts in the eyes of the law.

We hope that if you choose to watch the World Cup, you do so from an informed position and understand why we feel that FIFA has failed in its duty to its own commitment to human rights and failed in its due diligence. If you are concerned about watching this winter, you may want to donate money to organisations such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. You can also promote their campaigns online and speak to your friends and families about the abuses taking place in Qatar, which will help raise awareness.


If you feel you wish to speak to us further about this matter, please email


The Officer Team


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