Service Provision Update | 20th March

As all information is every changing, please be aware that the government and University position may be updated at any point. University advice is available at online on the University Webpages and via the app. The following information relates to Union services in light of government guidance issues on 20th March.


  • Ember and Verve, will be CLOSED from 9pm on 20th March. Our Senior Managers and Officers will meet next week to map out the future provision.

  • Squeezebox, will remain open as usual (weekdays 8am - 5.30pm), but will be TAKE-AWAY ONLY. 

  • Sports Centre (and Gym), will be CLOSED from 6pm on 20th March.

  • Costa (Science Centre), will remain open as usual, but will be TAKE-AWAY ONLY. 


If you're looking for peer support and to socialise digitally, please join our Covid-Community ??

Our Advice, Student Voice, Engagement and other services will be operating digitally - with updates on how to access these services available soon.

Stay safe and #BeKind ??