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Seven reasons why you should come on the Big Union Getaway

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The Big Union Getaway, the Students' Union Leadership Residential, is a free, annual retreat organised by Staffordshire University Students' Union. Join us to develop your Leadership Skills, improve your Students' Union and make us all Proud to be Staffs.  

Based at a beautiful Staffordshire venue, this free two-night residential course gives students the chance to find our more about their Students' Union, develop their leadership and trainer skills, get involved in Students' Union campaigns, meet new people and achieve awesome things! All candidates are eligible for free travel from the University Campus and subsidies are available to support travel from anywhere in the UK. 

You'll get a detailed understanding of what the SU is and what we do.

If you think you’re clued up on the Union, we reckon you can always learn more. You’ll get an inside view of what the Union is. If you have no idea what the Union does, then you can always learn!

You can meet new and interesting people.

The age old adage is that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. You can meet and make new connections on the residential that could help you out in your future career.

You could receive Event or Activity Funding from the Students' Union.

Got big plans for an event next year and need the funding? Attending the residential could see you and your team receiving event funding from the Union.

You'll be able to enjoy free, full-board accommodation in a scenic part of Lichfield.

This means that all your snacks, meals and refreshments come free of charge, as well as your ability to stay there.

You'll achieve the SU certificates in Leadership and Teamwork and in Peer Education.

Certificates make you feel and look accomplished and look amazing on your CV when you’re applying for jobs.

You can take part in competitive outdoor activities.

There’s a load to do such as zip wires, high rope courses, climbing, archery and canoeing. Sounds like fun to us.

Finally, you can develop your Leadership skills!

After all, it’s a leadership residential. You can make us all be Proud to be Staffs and prepare yourself for the future. Every team needs a good leader.


The Students’ Union is subsidising 80 candidates for this course and your place will be free if you’re a current student. However, we’re sorry to confirm that recently graduated students are not eligible to attend.

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