Shrewsbury students released from contracts

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Shrewsbury students released from contracts

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Your Elected Officer Team, the Students' Union Advice Centre and Student Voice teams have been working closely with Shropshire Council to support students studying at the Shrewsbury site who were concerned about their accommodation.

After a student wrote to Connor (one of your Elected Officers), the Union contacted all residents in the accommodation to get a full idea of the situation and began negotiating on their behalf.

As a result, 10 students will now be released from their contracts and will be allowed to keep belongings there as long as they need to.

The letter from the Council stated:

"Further to the recent Covid-19 pandemic Shropshire Council has taken the decision to release students from their accommodation if they are either unable to return or do not wish to come back into halls due to the temporary suspension of face to face teaching."

"We realise you may not wish to vacate the premises and if this is the case you are welcome to stay in your halls of residence and to be invoiced for the rent for the forthcoming summer term"

"Currently travelling to the halls of residence to collect your belongings is not considered by the Government as critical or essential travel during this current period of lockdown."

"In the meantime I would like to say how sorry we are that your university experience in Shrewsbury has been disrupted this academic year due to the Coronavirus pandemic."

"Our priority is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our tenants. On behalf of Shropshire Council, the Facilities Management Team and myself we hope that you will stay safe and well."


If you are a student living in accommodation you don't need, you can still lobby your landlord using this template from our Student Advice Team.

Stay safe and please get in touch with us.

Connor, Anaida, Geeta and Scott.

Elected Officer Team



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